Robert Olin Studios

Robert Olin Studios

Headshot Photographer for Los Angeles and Chicago Actors.


We Do Things Differently!

We don't charge by the look. We charge by the time. Today's actors need a range of looks to compete. So we shoot UNLIMITED LOOKS during that time.

Meaning more looks, and a better deal. 

See  our Headshots

We create a fun relaxed environment where you don't feel rushed.


Keep in mind, the number of looks we accomplish in each session is up to you. The more prepared you are for the shoot, the more looks we can get done with our time together.

As we mentioned, WE DON'T CHARGE MORE JUST BECAUSE YOU CHANGED YOUR LOOK, or put on a pair of glasses. The costs are determined by the time. When people usually come in, they like to get a refresh on their Commercial look as well as their Theatrical headshots. 

We set aside a block of time for you, and within that time we will shoot as many looks as we can; commercial, theatrical... it doesn't matter.

We are masters of light, so we are not restricted to any 1 style of lighting. We can shoot in studio or on location. We can use strobes or natural light to create the kind of light you need.

With each session, you get the ENTIRE shoot, as shot, in high res delivered to you. Typically a 1 hour session gets about 4 looks. A 2 hour session 5-8 looks. And a 3 hour session yields 9-12 looks.