Each session includes the following

- Around 50 images per look

- Custom share-able web gallery.

- *Sessions Include Free Retouching (if needed)

- Download link to ENTIRE SHOOT in High and Low Resolution

- All within 48 Hours of your shoot.

- *Archival of Entire Shoot for 5 years.


30 Min SESSION - $199

Sometimes you just need to get 2 quick looks. We got you covered. When you come in for a 30 min session, we will shoot in studio, either with natural light or studio light. This is a great option for people who have talked with their agents and know exactly what they want and how to get it done. 



We will shoot for 1 hours time. During that time you will get UNLIMITED LOOKS. This is a great option for people who need to fill gaps in the looks they currently have, or for people who can be very efficient to maximize the looks in that time. We find that 1 Hour gets 3-4 Looks

With financing, you can break up the cost of a shoot over 3 months in equal payments after a $99 deposit.



THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR OPTION. We will shoot for 2 hours time. During that time you will get UNLIMITED LOOKS. People who book this session come in for a refresh, or haven't done photos in a while. It's a good option to stay fresh. We find that 2 Hours gets roughly 4-7 Looks

With financing, you can break up the cost of a shoot over 3 months in equal payments after a $99 deposit.



We will shoot for 3 hours time. During that time you will get UNLIMITED LOOKS. This option is great for the actor who has range, and a lot of versatility. We will shoot on location and studio to emphasize on your wide range. We find that 3 Hours gets 7-10 Looksor so.

With financing, you can break up the cost of a shoot over 3 months in equal payments after a $99 deposit.

Questions? Want to talk? We would love to chat.

Keep in mind, the number of looks we accomplish in each session is up to you. The more prepared you are for the shoot, the more looks we can get done with our time together.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 3.33.25 PM.png
Can’t recommend this place enough to get your headshots. After taking shots with quite a few photographers now, I can safely say that this studio took the time to get all the looks I needed and then some, at an affordable price. Thanks Robert Olin Studios!
— Chris C. Los Angeles

Need More information?  Want A Hair and Makeup Artist with your session? How about Wardrobe Stylist?


We work with several independent makeup artists, and are happy to recommend and schedule one for you. We add time to your session at no additional charge: a half hour for men, and an hour for women. The makeup artist stays through your session and ensures that you look your best.

WOMEN - $200 ( starting )

MEN - $125 ( starting )

Arrive with a clean face, and clean hair, styled as you normally wear it. Let us know if you will be changing hairstyles during your session. Men, consider if you want to start with scruff and then shave.

Each additional hour beyond the 1 hour session, the MUA charges +25/hr

Editorial / Lifestyle

The Hair and Makeup Artist charges a flat day rate of $500


We have an amazing wardrobe stylist we collaborate with. One thing that really pushes your photos to the next level and brings the overall look together is the wardrobe. Our stylist can help take some of the stress away by going out shopping and providing you with wardrobe for your entire session.

1 Hour Session - $200

2 Hour Session - $300

3 Hour Session - $400

6 Hour Session - $600


If you’ve been making excuses about how you can’t afford professional acting headshots, consider the reality that you can’t afford NOT to get them.

We hear it everyday from frustrated actors who waited to work with us. And everyday we help actors get back on track.

Because we want to make getting headshots as easy as possible, Robert Olin Studios offers the ability to finance a session with no extra added cost or interest. This allows you to get the best headshots in Los Angeles now, and plan out the payments on a monthly basis.

Just as you only want to give and do your best, you want to work with the best Los Angeles headshot photographer. 

*Retouching included with sessions - 30min = 1 free retouch. 1 Hour = 1 free retouch. 2 Hour = 2 free retouch. 3 Hour = 3 free retouch. 6 Hour = 1 retouch per look.

*Archival of your shoot is dependent on a $25 archive fee applied to every shoot. You can waive this fee. But by doing so, once the images have been delivered, they will also be deleted from our servers.

With the financing option, you have the ability to combine your hair and makeup artist and your shoot together. After paying a $99 deposit, the remaining balance is spread over the next 3 months in equal payments auto drafted from your card.