Actor Info and pricing

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$99 a look!


Unlimited looks in Timed Increments.

1.5 hour Session - $399 or 3 hour Session - $599

Hair & Makeup:

Starting At: Men - $100 - Women - $175.

Hair & Makeup add on time to the session, and is not taken from the time we booked together.


$20 Per Retouch. All retouching is done in-house.

Archival of Images:

for $25, we will keep you images on an offsite redundant drive.

Wardrobe Stylist:

Starting at $150. We can't stress the importance of wardrobe enough. Not everyone needs a stylist, but if you question what to wear, or stress out about having the right items, we can take care of that. All you have to do is show up to the shoot, and we'll have all the wardrobe here waiting for you. 


Send us an email and let us know how soon you’d like to come in, and we can find the best date and time to schedule a session. 


Hair & Makeup:

Hair & Makeup add on time to the session, and is not taken from the time we booked together.

We do require that you use the Hair and MUA that we have selected. We do this  to ensure that your shoot flows smoothly and produces the best results. Because our stylists work so closely with us on a daily basis, we are able to constantly deliver results. The makeup artists stay with you during your entire session. Please arrive with your hair clean and natural.

Under some circumstances we understand that you may be very particular about the stylist you use, or prefer to do it yourself. If that is the case, please call us and we can talk about adjustments to your shoot, and how we can accommodate.

Pricing increases with the longer sessions and more looks.

Archival of Images

If you would like us to keep your shoot on our end as a backup for you, just incase you save over your shoot, accidentally delete it or you computer blows up, we can.

It isn't mandatory, but for a $25 archive fee we will keep you images safe here at the studio and on an offsite redundant drive. You have the option to add this onto the cost of your shoot when you book. If you do not add this option, once we deliver the images to you, we will delete them from our servers.

Wardrobe Stylist:

Our stylist can help take some of the stress away by going out shopping and providing you with wardrobe for your entire session.

If you have great style in your own closet and don't need a stylist, but rather you just need help picking the right type of clothing, we do offer a style guide in your email confirmation after you book a shoot.

Studio Light vs Natural Light

We use both, and often a combination of both at the same time. We understand that each option provides a different result. If you prefer one over the other, we are happy to make it happen. Obviously, if we travel on location, we will be utilizing more natural light vs studio light.

Payment Methods

We accept all major Credit Cards and Cash. However, we do not accept checks. ( Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex )

Can I bring a Guest to my session?

Of corse, we love having people in the studio. But we do ask that we limit your guests to only those necessary.

Each Session Includes, ALL images in High Resolution delivered to you, *free retouching, a shareable online gallery, all in about 72 hours from your shoot date.

We're sure that not all your questions were answered above. If you have individual and more specific questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email or phone. We always love to talk and see how we can help. You can also find the answer to some questions about rescheduling, cancelations, deposits and more in the terms and conditions.