Should I print my Headshot?

Los Angeles headshot photographer Robert Olin Studios blogs:


With most of the submissions being digital, many people still wonder if they need to have printed headshots. We get asked quite frequently from Actors, if we recommend getting shots printed and how many. Not everyone is on the same path or at the same point in their career, so an across-the-board answer isn’t so easy. With that in mind, you should always talk with your Agent and Management team about what they recommend.


Michelle, our studio Manager is an actor herself and provides our team with lots of insight as to what actors actually need and don’t. Michelle carries around between 5-10 printed headshots in her book when she goes to auditions.

“I have been to an audition where after, they asked if I had a printed headshot they could hold onto. While it isn’t the norm much anymore, I still had them ready for that instance that someone asks.” said Michelle.

While there are many print houses in LA for actors to print their headshots, but we highly recommend a place in Studio City called “The Actors Photo Lab”. The colors have always been on point and from what we have seen. They have the best photo to paper reproduction from any of the printers our clients have shown us. So if you and your team decide that having some printed headshots on hand are a good idea, we recommend giving them a call.

Long story short; When we get asked by a client if they should print, we recommend getting just a few printed to have on hand.

2 of Michelle’s recent headshots. Hip & Young Mom

2 of Michelle’s recent headshots. Hip & Young Mom